Landscape Supplies

We are proud suppliers of the finest quality landscape products on the market. We stock contractor-grade products only, so our products are made to last!

Install Tips: When installing a landscape border, instead of the cheap, coiled products from your big box stores that require digging a trench, straightening your coiled edging, and are in general just one big can purchase our 20' flat, easy, no-dig edging. These 20' straight pieces require no trenching and are quite simply staked into the ground. Each 20' section comes with 6 poly stakes, making this project no big deal!
Dewitt Fabrics - Landscape supplies in Florida
Pro Weed Barrier
3' x 50'
3' x 100'
3' x 300'

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Colmet Edging - Landscape supplies in Florida
10' Green Metal Edging
10' Brown Metal Edging
10' Black Metal Edging

90 degree corner stakes
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Valley view - Landscape supplies in Florida
Plastic Edging Products
20' Mighty Diamond
20' Easy Diamond
60' Royal Diamond

90 degree connectors
Lambert dyes - Landscape supplies in Florida
Color Dyes
autumn brown, brite red, brown, choc brown, jet black, mahogany, mesa buff, rust brown, dark buff, sandstone, terra cotta, light buff, red, miami beach red

Dye colors are available in both 5lb and 25lb boxes
Tremron - Landscape supplies in Florida
We stock their tumbled Pallazzo and Munich blocks and caps, in a variety of colors.
Old castle - Landscape supplies in Florida
We stock their Chisel and Ledgewall block and caps in a variety of colors.
U.V Super sealer - Landscape supplies in Florida
Oil based sealer, leaves a glossy shine. 5 gallon container.
Polymeric sand - - Landscape supplies in Florida
Sold in 5 gallon bucket, coarse sand has a tan color.