Creating a waterfall, rock wall or dry river bed? Perhaps you need a large accent boulder to centerpiece your landscape bed. Our garden, fieldstone and river boulders give you that natural look you've been, well, looking for!

Install Tips: Sometimes trying to determine how much material you need can be tricky when trying to build a waterfall or creekbed. Try this simple trick: a ton of boulders 6" - 12" in size, laid down side by side, will cover an area of 30 square feet. This can help you visualize what you need if measuring proves difficult.
Garden Boulder - Boulders in Florida

Garden Boulders

These boulders are available in many sizes and shapes, from as small as a basketball to large accent boulders 2000 lbs in weight. Colors are gray, with white and burgundy colors. Some may have moss on them.
Coquina Boulder - Boulders in Florida

Coquina Boulders

A native Florida rock, tiny coquina shells formed millions of years ago during the prehistoric era. At the quarry where this is mined, fossils from the mastadon and other animals from that era have been found. This ... Read more
River Boulder - Boulders in Florida

River Boulders

These worn, smooth river boulders are available from the size of a softball all the way up to accent boulder sizes. Brown in color, these make great dry riverbeds, waterfalls and ponds.
Limestone Boulder - Boulders in Florida

Limestone Boulders

A native Florida rock, also called Sumter County Boulders. This rock is mined from central Florida fields from the areas where lime rock deposits.
River Rounds - Boulders in Florida

River Rounds

Small, medium, large and extra large tan/brown river worn rounds and flats. These start in sizes as big as your fist on up. Great for dry creek beds, water features and even for landscape borders.
Finger Boulders - Boulders in Florida

Finger Boulders

Long, rectangle shaped garden boulders. Great for constructing a landscape retaining wall or waterfalls. Any application where you need to build a wall neatly and easily.
Thick Long - Boulders in Florida

Thick Long

Rectangle and square shaped garden boulders. Perfect for dry stacking landscape border wall, garden ponds and water features.
Chippewa Boulders - Boulders in Florida

Chippewa Boulders

Very colorful, very unique granite boulders. Primarily used as an accent boulder in your yard or landscape beds. Use this boulder as a centerpiece, adds character and dimension to any landscape.