Decorative Gravel Products

Let the look of natural gravel enhance the landscape around your home. We rail and truck gravels from quarries all over North America. If we don't stock it, there is a good chance we can still get it. But with over 20 decorative gravels in stock, you have plenty of choices.

Install Tips: Make sure you lay a weed fabric prior to installing your gravel. This helps not only with controlling weeds, but also with slowing the erosion of the soil underneath your gravel. Ever hear someone say, "My gravel is disappearing!"? It's because of soil erosion. Do it right the first time, and you will never have to landscape the area again.
White river gravel - Gravel Products in Florida

White River Gravel

Natural, round, smooth river worn gravels. White dominant color with some pink, tan and gray colors present.
Bark Stone - Gravel Products in Florida

Bark Stone

Natural, crushed gravel. Formed from excessive heated sandstone. A soft rock with excessive fines. This gravel has a mixture of red and black colors.
Brown River Gravel - Gravel Products in Florida

Brown River Gravel

Natural, round, smooth river worn gravel. A mixture of brown, tan and white colors.
Firelite - Gravel Products in Florida


Heated byproduct of coal. A soft rock, with excessive fines and dust. Beautiful red, black and gold colors.
Walnut/Copper Stone - Gravel Products in Florida

Walnut/Copper Stone

Natural, smooth and irregular, river worn gravel. Resembles a brown, copper color.
Burgundy nole chips - Gravel Products in Florida

Burgundy Nole Chips

Natural, crushed granite. Burgundy red dominant color. Sometimes called seminole chips.
Red lava rock - Gravel Products in Florida

Red Lava Rock

Natural, crushed molten rock. A soft porous rock with excessive fines and dust. Red dominant color with mixture of black.
Limestone gravel - Gravel Products in Florida

Limestone Gravel

Natural Florida limestone gravel. Used primarily for driveways and parking lots.
Salt & Pepper - Gravel Products in Florida

Salt & pepper

Natural, crushed black and white speckled granite.
Pink Granite - Gravel Products in Florida

Pink Granite

Natural, crushed granite. With pinkish, mauve colored stone.
Slate chips- Gravel Products in Florida

Slate Chips

Natural, crushed slate. Flat and angular with a dark gray color with occasional white crystalized pieces.
Marble Chips - Gravel Products in Florida

Marble Chips

Natural, crushed marble. White in color with grayish/white tones. Has flecks of bright white.
Green Granite - Gravel Products in Florida

Green Granite

Natural, crushed granite. This gravel has a green tint.
Pink Marble - Gravel Products in Florida

Pink Marble

Natural, crushed marble. Beautiful marble with white, pink and purple colors.
Creek stone - Gravel Products in Florida

Creek Stone

Natural, smooth water worn gravel. This gravel has vibrant colors with a more polished or glass like appearance, especially when wet.
River Jacks Gravel - Gravel Products in Florida

River Jackstone

A natural, smooth river gravel product with unique pale & dark gray colors, with a hint of burgundy colors mixed in. Sometimes called River Jacks.
Black Lava Rock - Gravel Products in Florida

Black Lava Rock

Black, volcanic stone. A soft porous rock, that contains excessive fines and dust. Dominant black color with some red colors mixed in.
Washed sea shell - Gravel Products in Florida

Washed Sea Shell

Natural washed shell from the Gulf Coast. Shell is primarily white in color with some gray tones. Great for that tropical landscape look.
Gray granite - Gravel Products in Florida

Gray Granite

Natural Gray Granite, with streaks of white and pink colors. Dominant color is gray. This stone has multiple uses in landscape and construction applications. Great for a parking or driveway area.
Please note that all bulk gravel products will contain some amount of sand and dust. This is an inherit part of all gravels. "Softer" gravels such as Lava Rock, Bark Stone and Firelite will contain excessive amounts of sand, fines and dust.

Also note that gravel sizes are not to be used as an exact measurement of the gravels. A 1" gravel for example, will have its largest size close to that measurement but will have much smaller sizes also.
" Southern Aggregates recommends the purchase of all gravels necessary to complete your project in order to maintain color and size consistencies. We will not be responsible for any color or size variations that are consistent with natural stone products"